Mar 21, 2015

7 Months Old (Yesterday)

 In the last 7 months my precious little newborn has grown from this...

to this:

She has gained more than eleven pounds and six and a half inches.  Another set of pictures, for comparison:

She has lost a lot of hair, and slowly grown it back.  I want to hire a professional photographer just to capture the mop on this kid's head- it is epic.  I am looking forward to barrettes and braids and fine little locks tickling the back of her neck, but I will always miss this doo.

I find myself compulsively taking fuzzy pictures of her sleeping in the dark.  She simultaneously looks so big, and so small.

We cuddled for the last half of her nap the other day, and I waxed nostalgia for the newborn days when all I did was hold her.  Still, I love the way she snuggles now.  It's so intentional it melts my heart.  She cuddles like she means it!  As she was waking up I took out my phone to snap a few pictures.  She would look right at it and then hide her face behind mine- "No mom, I've got sleepy eyes!"

 She eats now, and she loves it.  She prefers chunks to purees and her favorite seems to be green beans, though broccoli is a strong contender.  Giant cold hard slices of fresh apple make great teethers, but she doesn't actually eat it (no teeth!) and cold cucumber spears will do in a pinch.

She sits up independently but only for a couple minutes at a time.  She rolls everywhere she goes, and has gotten so proficient that she can turn to make it where she wants.  In the last few days she's begun to try to get up on her hands and knees, but she's not there yet.

She loves people and people-watching.  Assuming she's fed and well rested, she smiles at pretty much everyone that stops to talk to her.  She'll often give them a big open mouth grin and stick out her pointy tongue to boot.  Just recently she's been adorably bashful- she'll smile and then turn her head and bury it in my chest, only to peek out and smile again.  It's definitely my favorite new thing she's done this month.

She likes to play peek a boo and to share her binky with her mommy and daddy.  She thinks her siblings are amazing, and she laughs every time the dog walks in the room.  His mere existence is hilarious to her.  She waves, she rubs her eyes when she's sleepy, and she babbles a wide variety of tones and sounds- so right now it's really a toss up as to what her first word will be.  Bets are on dada, mama, or hi.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly she is learning and growing.  She has brought such joy to our family, I can't believe how lucky we are.  I am soaking up every minute, and look forward to finding out what the future will bring.  Happy 7 months, baby girl.

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