Aug 7, 2014

39 Weeks

The baby is... a girl!  We announced it a few weeks ago at our baby shower.  I had another ultrasound on Tuesday and their current estimate for her size is 6 lbs 13 oz, which is not much bigger than the ultrasound I had 3 weeks ago.  I suppose they're just guessing anyway; from what I've heard there's a pretty big margin of error.  Still, it's likely she's not gigantic- which is a good sign given the diabetes- and everything still looks healthy.

I'm feeling... simultaneously really impatient and fairly certain it's going to be a while yet.  The doctor says she's pretty low (minus one station, whatever that means), but I'm not dilated.  I feel her low but I also feel her high- I feel like she's consuming me!  I'm pretty tired and unfocused most of the time- hence the lack of blogging.  I'm trying to make the most of these last couple weeks, and there usually seems to be something or other to keep us busy.

Cliche (or not!) Pregnancy Symptoms... I'm really uncomfortable most of the time.  My stomach feels like it's going to pop, and it's difficult to sit in a normal position because it puts too much pressure on my abdomen.  I have to lean back slightly, but not too far or it hurts my neck.  I have difficulty falling asleep, and wake up often to pee.  The heartburn is insane- especially but not limited to when I lay down.  I'm trying to avoid foods that make it worse.  If you combine that with the gestational diabetes diet, I basically can't eat anything that tastes remotely like anything.  It's all bland meat and vegetables- no tomato related products- and easy on the carbs.  Of course sometimes I eat the thing that tastes good anyway, and then suffer the consequences.

Gestational Diabetes... My blood sugar has been really even and consistent, right around 100- so that's good and my nutritionist is happy.  Of course this last week I've had 1 or 2 high numbers (and by high I mean 120-128), but I still call it a win.  The nutritionist told me the last week or two are the hardest- you're working at max capacity and you're tired of it- but I should stick with it because if the baby gets used to high sugar levels during the last week in utero then it's a bit of a shock when she's born.  It could result in her sugars dropping when they cut the cord and she could end up in the NICU until they stabilize them- so it's worth all the effort.

I'm enjoying... a little too much online shopping for adorable baby things.  My savings account took a bit of a hit this month.  I hope she fits in 6 month old clothes most of the winter because I worked the sales on baby gap a little and bought her some really cute stuff.

Chris and I also took the time over the last few weeks to give each kid an evening alone with us to do something fun, and that was nice.  We want to remind them they're special and prepare them for when the baby comes- plus it's nice to hang out with them alone sometimes.  Without their siblings interrupting every few seconds we get to hear more of their stories.

I'm looking forward to... baby time, of course.  I'm also looking forward to the kids heading back to school.  Summer vacation really has flown by- the kids haven't really gotten so bored that they've driven me nuts.  We've had bad days here and there, but for the most part they've been great.  I'm sure it helps that they've had plenty of sleep overs and baseball games and all sorts of fun things to do- but I also think it's just about them getting older.  They can handle a day or two of hanging around the house and just find stuff to do.

Regardless of their good behavior, they're all ready to go back to school.  They need the stimulation and the exercise, and they're all excited to see their friends again.  I'm excited to have a (mostly) empty house for a few hours a day.  Of course the baby will be here, but I'm looking forward to that time I'll have when I can focus on her because the other kids are at school.

Here's a picture Chris took for me last week, about 38 weeks 3 days: