Mar 23, 2015

New Life for Old Shirts, Meal Times Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler, and Other Verbose Blog Post Titles

I've had piles of t-shirts tucked away for years, all too small/worn/stretched/stained to wear any more, but far too precious to throw away.  They're mostly band shirts, and they're waiting for me to give them new life as something else.  

I've had a baby eating solids for a month and wearing tiny newborn milk-dribble bibs while doing so. I know bibs are pretty cheap and there are like a billion options out there, but I've held off on buying them because I really wanted to see some of my favorite old t-shirts catching globs of green beans as they fall from my baby's perfect little chin.  I'm a weirdo, I know.

It was a pretty simple process.  I made a paper bag template the size and shape I wanted, and laid it over the part of the pattern on the shirt I wanted to see.

I pinned it in place and cut it out.  Since knit fabrics can be kind of tricky to cut without bunches and jagged edges, I found it easiest to use my quilters mat and rolly cutter (I'm sure that's the official name).

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, but you get the idea.

I did not have enough fabric from this particular t-shirt to do the back as well, so I substituted some plain blue from one of Chris's old shirts.  I pinned them together, right sides facing in, and sewed them up, leaving just enough space to flip it right side out.

Not pictured is the snap I applied to the neck straps using snappy pliers (again, the official name for sure.)

Meal time has never been cooler.

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