Apr 3, 2014


Slim is at sleep away camp with the school this week.  I'm not sure there's anything more fun when you're 12 years old.  I remember when I went to the same camp in the 6th grade.  It's so freeing to spend that time away from your family and with your peers.  Even though there are adults all over the place, you feel independent- which is exactly what I wanted at that age and exactly what she craves.

We got to visit yesterday, and she's having a blast.  She assured us she doesn't miss us at all, but she did sit on Christopher's lap every time he sat down.  It was adorable.  Dear misses her quite a bit.  I think it's mostly because she's not used to going to bed in a room by herself.  She's handling it like a champ, though.  She just talks about Slim a lot and frequently mentions how much Toby and Charlie obviously miss her.  It's funny, they both complain about sharing a room, but I don't think Dear would like it if that changed.

Slim comes home tomorrow, and it will be nice to have her back.  She was quite the chatterbox during our hour visit yesterday, so I'm sure she'll be regaling us with stories all weekend long.

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