Apr 2, 2014

21 Weeks

The baby is... kicking me hard as I write this.  I've felt it a few times strong enough that I think Chris could feel it from the outside, but then when he tries the baby stops moving.  He'll just have to wait until we get farther along.  Speaking of, we're more than halfway there!  Woohoo!  I have cousins and quite a few friends from school that are all pregnant right now and ALL ahead of me.  So, my Facebook feed is full of pregnant ladies and soon to be full of birth announcements, and I know it's going to make me impatient!  Still, I know a full term healthy pregnancy is something to be thankful for, so I'm content to know the baby is still happily baking in there.  According to What to Expect it's about the size of a  banana, and developing taste buds!

I'm feeling... pretty good.  I've had a lot heartburn and bloating in the evenings, but not much in the last few days.  I need a snack after dinner, (I'm hungry!) but I have noticed something healthy and light(er) doesn't give me heartburn.  Ice cream= pain, strawberries and cream= comfort.  Yesterday I had some asthma, which is a bummer because my inhaler just doesn't work anymore, but it was nothing serious and I feel fine today.

Cliche (or not!) pregnancy symptoms... Lower back pain when spend too much time on my feet.  One chore that just sucks is vacuuming, (ha unintentional pun!) so I guess Chris is going to have to pick that one up.  I have the kids do it sometimes but they do such a terrible job it's almost not worth it.  I mean, it's good practice for them, but it doesn't clean the floor- which needs to be cleaned with 2 pets and 5 people in the house.

I'm enjoying... a break from my allergies, (we had a week of rain which meant no pollen for a while), and some quilting.

I'm looking forward to... this weekend.  Slim is coming home from camp, we're heading to a baby shower, and the weather is supposed to be warm.  Sure my allergies will be back, but I just want to wear shorts and sandals for a while.

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