Mar 3, 2014

Much Needed Rain

I've got my little guy home sick today.  He's got a mild fever and a runny nose.  Our morning didn't start off well.  Chris came into our room a few minutes before it was time to take the kids to school to put himself on a time out, because Dear was driving him up the wall and he was ready to blow up.  She decided she was going to try flat out defiance today.

That kid- she has come a long way but she still has her quirks.  With her and Mister you pretty much have to expect bare minimum output in the morning before school and at night before bed time.  I don't know if they're just being turds because they know you don't have time to deal with it, or if they get anxious when they know there's a time limit.  Anyway, he asked her to help him with the dishes before they left for school and she said no.  Just no.  So, she didn't get to do the fun Dr. Suess donut/muffin morning at school.  Also, Chris and I agreed it was best not to ask her to do any extra chores in the morning, even if there's time- it's just not worth the battle.

Before they left, Chris dutifully informed me that the cat didn't appear to understand his new litter box situation yet, and there was probably cat pee somewhere in the house but he hadn't been able to find it.  Needless to say, I was uptight and irritated before I even got out of bed.  I've never been much of a morning person, and I've been much worse since I've been pregnant.  I felt like my whole day was going to spiral out of control if I didn't change my mood quickly.

Do you ever get irritated by how much your family needs you, only to realize you need them to need you, and you'll be devastated when they don't anymore?  This is how families are supposed to work- duh.  We depend on each other.  I knew that, but it's easy to forget when you're wrapped up in kid drama and chores.

With Mister home sick, gray skies, and a steady downpour outside, I decided the best way to turn my morning around was to settle in for a movie.  I've wanted to see Disney's Frozen since I heard an interview on Bullseye with the man who composed the music, Bobby Lopez.   I overpaid for the movie on iTunes, searched for the cord to hook my computer up to the TV, cleaned up the cat pee, made breakfast, and got Mister out of bed.  About an hour later, just as we'd finally cuddled up to watch the movie, Chris texted me, "Frozen came out for rent on Amazon today."  Whoops, should've thought to check there first.  Oh well.

We enjoyed the movie, and Mister has been camped out on the couch ever since with Netflix kids and the remote.  I periodically take his temperature and deliver water and snacks- here's hoping he's back to normal tomorrow.

Charlie is temporarily locked in the bathroom with bare necessities- more about his potty training later. (Like it or not, ha!)

I'm all prepared not to lecture Dear on her behavior when she gets home, despite the fact that Chris filled me in on all the manipulative crap she tried to pull in the car on the way to school and I totally WANT to lecture her.  Funny thing, turns out lectures don't work on 11 year olds.  Or anyone, for that matter...

It's been a good day, really.  A day of problems and solutions.  A day of much needed rain.  A day when it's good to be needed.

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