Mar 5, 2014

17 Weeks

The baby is... about 5 inches long and weighs as much as a turnip.  That's all I know so far, he/she doesn't share much yet.  ;)  

I'm feeling... better, if you don't count the cold I caught from Mister.  Luckily I seem to have avoided the fever he had, I just have the runny nose and subsequent discomfort.  He told me he was sorry he got me sick, but not to worry because I would get better.  He's sweet.

Cliche (or not!) Pregnancy Symptoms? Nesting? "Mommy brain"?  Are these symptoms?  Eh, close enough.  I'm overflowing with ideas for projects I'd like to do.  Even though I'm feeling better, I'm still tired all the time so I'm not finishing things at the rate I'm used to, and it's frustrating me.  I'm pretty scattered- I need to slow it down a little.

I'm enjoying... some new clothes I finally splurged on.  It was hard to shop- I don't have a baby bump for maternity clothes yet, but I definitely don't fit in "regular" clothes anymore.  Therefore, everything I tried on was either too tight or looked like a potato sack.  I absolutely care more about comfort than style, but if I'm just going to wear a sack I'll wear Chris's t-shirts.  Anyway, I ended up finding a few loose tops that will hopefully last all the way through the pregnancy and I'm soooo much more comfortable.

I'm looking forward to... Move baby, move!  Sometimes I lay really still and try to focus on my belly hoping I'll feel something, but it's just too early I guess.  Also, in two weeks is the ultrasound where they will likely be able to identify the gender!  I'm really excited about thinking of the baby as a he or she instead of an "it."  We don't care if it's a boy or a girl, I can't stop imagining the perks of either.  Bow ties!  Pig tails!  I'm swooning over both!  Practically speaking I guess it would be convenient if it were a boy, so it could share a room with Mister for longer. (The older he gets the less he needs to share a room with a little girl).  Since we can't control it, though, we're not worried about it.

I don't have a picture of myself and my belly today.  I'm sick, spent the day in my pajamas, and am just not into it.  Use your imagine, but don't forget I'm perfect.  I've gained exactly the right amount of weight, definitely don't have 2 chins, and am positively glowing.  

It's funny, before I even got pregnant I had this fun idea- wouldn't it be cool to take a picture every day of your pregnancy, play them all in rapid succession and set them to music?  At the end you could include pictures of the baby, maybe even of labor and delivery if you're brave like that.  Ha!  It would be cool, but it's apparently not something I'm going to do, since I can't even manage a picture every 2 weeks.  Oh well.  

As a substitute, here's my cute niece dumping invisible things out of her rain boot.

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