Feb 24, 2014

Baby Knits

The hardest, and perhaps the most frustrating aspect of learning something new is the inevitability that eventually you're going to take the leap and put a lot of effort into a thing, and when it's complete it won't be perfect.  I'm not sure it's true for everybody, but I know that no matter how much I read about it, watch it, and practice it- ultimately I've just got to try it.  The flip side is that you learn from every mistake you make, and that's how you get better.

That baby blanket is the first blanket I've ever tried to knit, and it's definitely got its flaws.  If I make another, there are a few things I'd do differently.  I decided not to take pictures of the mistakes or to list them all here, though.  Instead I'd just like to enjoy it, because it is beautiful.  I quite like it.  I am so excited to wrap my little baby up in it, and hopefully watch my toddler drag it around the house after it's been well loved.  I don't think any of the imperfections will matter then.  

I made that little hat before the blanket, and I'm excited about that, too.  It came out a little big, which I think will work out well.  If I'm lucky it will fit the baby a few months after it's born, just as the weather is getting cold.  I'm going to make another one or two in newborn size since they are so quick and fun to knit up.  Besides, they will look adorable in pictures.

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