Oct 30, 2013

A little pumpkin carving...

I spent a little time with the kids doing google image searches before we started, for inspiration.  A couple of friends came over while we carved, which worked out great because both Mister and Dear needed quite a bit of help.

Well, maybe Dear didn't need help, but she sure wanted a lot of it anyway.

Mister wouldn't have needed help, if I'd been more discerning when I let him pick out a pattern.  His pumpkin is the pixelated Wreck it Ralph- Chris ended up doing most of the carving.

I decided I really liked the pumpkins with stems for noses, which I soon discovered you totally can't see once you put them out in the dark and put a candle inside.  I turned on the light and snapped a picture, because I like it.

Man I love this holiday- there are so many fun things to do for kids and adults alike.  Tomorrow is too-much-candy day!  Happy Halloween everybody!

**This has been Day 30 of 31 Days of Enjoying My Kid.

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