Apr 7, 2015

Easter Recap and a New Project

We had a nice Easter celebration with family on Sunday afternoon.  My middle daughter was off with her Aunt and Grandma.  Part of the adoption agreement includes allowing the kids to choose (once they're 11 or older) whether or not they want to spend certain holidays at their biological aunt's house.  This was one of those occasions, and my oldest chose to stay home but her sister wanted to go.  This is only the second time we've done it and it still feels weird, but I'll get used to it.  I try to think of it as one day out of 365 days I get them every year- it's not such a raw deal.  I'm trying to set up another Easter celebration later this week with my family members that had to work on Sunday, anyway, so she'll be here for one out of the two.

I've been itching to make cupcakes for a few weeks now and it just hadn't happened yet, (it's weird I know- maybe even weirder that I hadn't just done it already.)  I decided I was going to make some for Easter, so I hauled 2 kids and a baby to target by myself the day before to buy some candy for decorating.  It was madness I tell you.  The seasonal section was nearly bare, completely disheveled, and still packed with people that looked exhausted, frustrated and angry.  Nonetheless, (or perhaps 'consequently')  we left with WAY too much candy.  I made approximately one billion cupcakes, had 3 bowls of candy left and an entire platter of peeps.  The kicker is it wasn't even my job to provide the dessert.  So now, two days later, there is more dessert left in my house than I started with.

The cupcakes came out cute though.

So on Sunday we made a bunch of food and people came over and ate and visited, and played ping pong- it was a good time.  Since I couldn't find my plastic eggs, (and only had 2 potential hunters and 2 babies far too young), we skipped the egg hunt.  We'll probably have one with the older cousins later this week, though the girls are starting to get too old to care either way.

Our tiniest love had a cold, as she seems to for every holiday, so I opted to skip the adorable Easter dress I bought her.  It just seemed like too much tulle to really be comfortable.  For warmth I had bought a little jean jacket which is adorable, but denim doesn't really scream 'comfy'.  Instead she wore the bunny onesie she got in her Easter basket and some warm polar bear pants.

Baby's First Easter.

In other news, on Saturday I heard about the 100 Day Project and decided at the last minute to participate.  I toyed with a lot of different ideas, including picking a goal as broad as "making" for 100 days, but I really felt like I wanted something more specific.  I finally landed on sewing, it should be fun.  I was thinking that 100 days was a long time, and it would be really cool to do something cumulative so at the end I could compile a time lapse of photos to watch it grow, but sewing just made a lot more sense with the other goals I have right now.  I thought that committing to an entirely separate project would be overwhelming and ultimately unproductive.  So keep an eye on my Instagram account @thisquirkyfamily to see pictures of my daily projects!

P.S. If you're wondering what blogging looks like when the kids are home on spring break, here's a sneak peek.

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