Apr 13, 2015

Break's Over

I have found that my productivity level relies heavily on my routine.  Some people thrive on freedom and chaos, creating in dramatic energetic spurts and then pulling back to recharge.  I'm more of a structure person.  I like to have a 'system' or a strategy, and once I find something that works I get into a rhythm and build momentum.  This tends to mean that the busier I am, the more I get done.

Then, the last two weeks happen and totally gum up the works.  First the baby got sick, and then I got sick.  Then the kids began spring break- which meant a myriad of sleepovers, family activities (read: reasons to stay up too late), and little human beings wandering around my house at all hours of the day when they're normally at school.  We had a good time, and it flew by, but I ate like crap, didn't get enough sleep, and didn't get much work done at all.

All of these poorly structured sentences are only meant to say, thank god it's Monday morning.  Too bad it's a minimum day...

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