Jun 3, 2014


All of the dentist appointments and school deadlines have been erased from the calendar, to be replaced by mostly empty space and a few birthday parties.

I'm moments away from crossing off the last items on my "To Do Before Summer" list.  There are 2 days left of school, 1 1/2 really, and the kids are counting down the hours.

We've had a couple of sleepovers the last few weeks, and we while we may or may not host any more this summer, I'm sure the kids will be invited to a few.

We've got 10 weeks until this baby is due, and now our "to do" list consists of things like swim at the lake, picnic at the waterfall, board games, and visit the library.

I'm really looking forward to August 13th.  I'm not miserably uncomfortable or hating being pregnant- I just really want to meet this baby.  In the meantime, we're gearing up to savor our last couple months unencumbered by diaper bags, strollers, midnight wake up calls and daytime nap schedules.  The future, all of it, is looking pretty good right now.  Let's see how long we can make it before someone utters the most annoying words of all time- I'm boooored.

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