Jun 16, 2014

A Moment in the Day

One week of summer vacation has already passed, 9 to go.  The days are speeding by for now- here's a glimpse of this morning.

Watching 2 kids play some kind of lego-monster high-doctor who-iron man mash up here at the kitchen table.

Listening to 2 more kids talk about comic books in the living room.

Eating pretzels and cheese, whether I like it or not (I don't) because it's 10am and that's snack time.

Enjoying open windows and fresh air, because the weather is particularly pleasant this morning.

Avoiding paying bills and updating my monthly budget, 'cause boooooriiiing.

Wondering if this baby will make its appearance on time or if I really have 9 or 10 weeks to go, rather than 8.

Feeling grateful- I have a great dad, so do my kids, and we had 2 nice Father's Day barbecues last week.  Next weekend Chris is taking the kids on the 3 hour drive to bring flowers to their other dad's grave and have a picnic with their grandma.

Thinking I'll probably write a longer blog post sometime soon, or finish one I've already started, but this is it for now.

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