May 7, 2014

A Finished Baby Quilt!

Not sure what I did to get such a reddish hue in this picture... 

Done!  As it turns out, I had no idea how little I knew about quilting and binding.  I've made a few quilts before, but they were either rag quilts or baby quilts that I tied off with embroidery floss instead of quilting.  I had to do a little improvising when I realized I don't even own the quilting foot for my sewing machine. (It came with several others!)  It all worked out, though.

As I always do when I'm working on a project, I got frustrated at the imperfections that cropped up along the way.  There were a few times when I ripped out stitches and fixed things, but for the most part I tried to roll with it.  If I had tried to make it perfect, I never would've finished it.  I just crossed my fingers and hoped I would like the finished product, and I do, weird bunches and folds and all!

I shared links to inspiration and instructions in this post I wrote about sewing the top.  You can find the directions I followed for the binding here.

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