Mar 26, 2014

Pallet Couch Part 2

We finished our couch!  After our initial post we changed our plans a bit.  We were going to have my niece and nephew over for a sleepover and we thought the kids would enjoy having the mattresses in the living room, so even though we hadn't built our frame yet we moved our couch out and the mattresses in.  That's when I fell in love with this:

If we put a back on the couch like we had planned, the windowsill would be blocked off and we would lose this gorgeous view.  We decided to move the pallets in without the back, just to see if we liked it.  Not only did we like it, we realized there was no need to paint the pallets white.  Chris, Dear and I literally spent about 7 minutes in the living room with sandpaper smoothing out the rough edges , and then we vacuumed it up and were done!  The only reason it's taken me so long to share about it is I waited weeks to sew the back cushions {lazy} and I wanted it to be done before I posted a picture.

I thought I was going to share a little tutorial on how I made the cushions for the back of the couch, but my brain is apparently not functioning at full speed these days because all of the pictures I took along the way are terrible.  I tried to explain it anyway, but the words don't make a lot of sense without pictures.  Suffice it to say I made the heavily stuffed pillows with cheap white cotton muslin and cheap polyester stuffing from JoAnne's, and I made shams out of sheets- the top sheets that came with the fitted sheets I put on the mattresses.  Here's a picture of the back of a completed sham:

And with the pillow inside:

Let's move on to before and after pictures of the living room:


I'm having a weird problem with blogger where half the time my DSLR photos upload and look wildly different than they do on my computer, so I got frustrated and decided to take all of my after pictures with my cell phone.  At least the weather was equally bad therefore the lighting was equally terrible in the before and after pictures!  Well, maybe it was a little worse in the before picture...

The rocking chair was given to us by Chris's family and it's super comfortable.

Charlie loves it in the spring when I move the screen away from the fireplace.  He leaves evidence of his escapades.
And I still have my window.

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