Feb 9, 2014

Valentine's Cards

Last year we discovered picmonkey.com right around Valentine's Day, and had a blast designing cards with it.  Now I have Photoshop CC and even though I'd say it's better than Picmonkey 99% of the time- it's not better for kids' Valentines.  It's just so much fun to go through the website and play with all of the funny effects and overlays.  The kids think it's hilarious, and I love seeing what they come up with.

Last year they went with themes.  Slim had a vampire theme, Mister had a Hulk theme, and Dear went with generic superhero.  This year I'm going to call their style random classic.  Slim actually chose a self portrait she drew, but with the other two we had a photo shoot in the rain.  They had umbrellas and I stood under the porch.  Mister loved his umbrella but had NO interest in actually holding it above his head and shielding himself from the rain- which was fine really.  We had a good time.

I get wallet sized prints of our pictures at Costco.  You can print them pretty much anywhere that is convenient for you once you save them to your computer as a jpeg, including at home.  I use Costco because they're decent pictures and they're affordable- probably more so than using my dinosaur printer, since I have to print so many and it uses a lot of ink.

Dear actually wanted her beautiful mug in her pictures, (who'd have thought, right?)  So I didn't include hers here, but I am sharing the other two, because I think they're awesome.

Unedited so far- she only wants to add her name and "Happy Valentine's Day!"

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