Feb 6, 2014

Lazy Days

Today we got some much needed rain.  I wasn't feeling great, and didn't even bother to change out of my pajamas.  I might be uncomfortable, and I'm definitely getting bored, but I'm trying to enjoy these days of lazing about while the kids are in school and Chris is making dinner every night.  This is probably the most leisure time I'm going to have for years.  

It's a little easier to enjoy when it's raining out.  I can open the windows and enjoy the smells and sounds- and I know I probably wouldn't be outside anyway.  So today was a day of reading and knitting.  I'm working on this baby blanket, and making good progress.  I'm excited to see it finished, and more excited to use it!  

Tonight we'll be tuning into the opening ceremony.**  We're not big Olympics fans- am I allowed to say that?  Is it blasphemy?  Well anyway, we have an antennae, and the kids are old enough to be interested, so I'm sure we'll watch a little here and there.  Happy Olympics everybody.

**Update: Whoops!  Shows how much I pay attention- the opening ceremony is tomorrow, Friday night.

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