Oct 25, 2013

School Carnival

We started off our weekending tonight with the school Halloween Carnival.  Chris and I spent the morning setting up the booth for Mister's class.  We spent the afternoon compiling costumes and doing hair and make-up.  Then we helped work the carnival and had some fun, too.  We were so busy most of the time it went by fast, and all of the kids were great.

A little tip, if you ever feel inclined to do pumpkin bowling- it's exhausting crawling around on the floor and reseting the pins every 15 seconds.  Maybe opt for fewer pins, or pick a different game.  On the other hand, the kids LOVED it.

Katniss, vampire, and Indiana Jones.

That's my frazzled scientist face.

We're throwing a party tomorrow night, so by Sunday I expect to have some worn out, well sugared, tired kids.

**This has been Day 25 of 31 Days of Enjoying My Kid.

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