Oct 1, 2013

Our one thing...

We have almost nothing in common.  When I was a kid I liked sports and playing outside.  I liked to build things and I liked to read.  She's struggled with reading; we're still hoping she falls in love with it one day.  She likes to play dress up, do her hair and paint her nails.  She cares about clothes and jewelry and carefully orchestrated outfits.  I wear my hair in a pony tail and live in jeans.  Nail polish actually bothers me, even on other people.  I have no idea why.  I frequently don't understand why she does the things she does- I just don't think we process the world in the same way.

We do have one thing though.   We both like to create.

Painting, sewing, knitting, crafting... we dabble in all of it.

We went to the fabric store together yesterday, just me and her.  We picked out some fabric to make new pillows for the living room.  More importantly, we browsed and chatted and enjoyed each other's company.  It's nice to share something with your kid.  It's nice to know you have something to come back to, when you're feeling far away from each other.  Maybe some day we'll have more things in common, but for now we have this.

**This has been Day 1 of 31 Days of Enjoying My Kid.

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