Oct 2, 2013

Light Heart

Mister is in this kind of amazing phase right now.  He's full of questions and experiments; he wants to know everything.  He's been especially curious about things that grow.  He goes out to the garden every day to check for ripe tomatoes.

He came in the other day, breathless with excitement.  Jeska, we have MUSHROOMS!

I lost my temper and yelled at him today.  It was stupid.  I over reacted. Then I was angry at myself and I was embarrassed and I was having trouble swallowing my pride and moving on.

But this guy, he was done with it in two minutes.  He forgave me- just like that, without being asked and without an apology.  I hope he stays that way as he grows up, light-hearted, kind, forgiving.  When he does stuff like this, he makes me want to be a better person.

After I yelled at him, I sat on the couch with my cheeks burning, staring but not actually looking at my phone.  He went out back with a pocket full of acorns.

I followed and took pictures as he dug, buried, and watered.

Then he planted a stick over each acorn, to know where his trees were of course.

And left out the watering can he'd promised he would put away.

Is there anything else around here on the ground that I could plant, Jeska?

**This has been Day 2 of 31 Days of Enjoying my Kid.

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