Apr 17, 2015

To Do's

This weekend went from two big empty white squares on the calendar on the fridge to a monster of a to-do list in one afternoon.  

I've got to finish up our menu plan and make a grocery list, and then we have to do a month's worth of grocery shopping this weekend.  We spend a few hours once a month going to 2 or 3 different grocery stores and stock up on everything we can eat or freeze in the next 30 days, and then once a week after that we do a quick trip for perishables, (mostly fruit and vegetables).  We also restock personal hygiene items and household supplies once a month (think toothpaste, hand soap, toilet paper).  

The wee one has made it clear baby proofing can NOT wait any longer.  She's climbing on everything, trying to eat our books, and is completely fascinated by electrical outlets- so we need to take care of that this weekend.  

Our oldest is going to a sleepover tonight and has to get picked up at noon tomorrow.  Our son has baseball pictures tomorrow afternoon, and our middle daughter is having a friend over to spend the night tomorrow night because they're working on their science fair project together.  And finally, all 3 kids need to finish their science fair projects, which they obviously haven't started yet, despite the fact that they're due Wednesday morning.  

We also have some serious yard work and spring cleaning that needs to be attended to, but I mean... sigh.

I think it's safe to say we'll be busy.  Earlier this week I was thinking I might invite some friends over tonight to hang out and play ping pong, but now I'm thinking we might need to knock out some of the grocery shopping.  That sounds like a lot less fun...

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