Mar 5, 2015

Sleeping Babies

I completely fell down the rabbit hole on Pinterest last night.  I logged on with the intention of finding some sample schedules for 6 month olds.  We've got the baby on one already because she really needed the extra support in order to get enough sleep.  I'll spare you the details of how the hours are adding up and where the issues lie, but suffice it to say I was only searching for some ideas of different ways to structure the day, so I might be able to tweak her schedule to better fit her needs and accommodate the older kids' extra curricular activities at the same time.

I was not looking for sleep training advice, but that's what I found and oh man.  Some of the gems I stumbled across (I'm paraphrasing):

  • If you let your 6 month+ baby fall asleep with you in the room and when they wake up during the night you've gone, it's akin to you falling asleep in your bed and waking up on the front lawn. (i.e. TERRIFYING)
  • You should feed/nurse your baby a lot during the day so they're not hungry at night time.
  • If you let your baby snack all day they'll want to snack all night, too!
  • If you let your baby fall asleep with you past the age of 6 months they are guaranteed to wake up screaming every 45 minutes all night every night until you teach them to sleep in their crib.
  • Dream feed.
  • Don't dream feed, it's disruptive.
  • Please never ever let your poor innocent little baby cry, they are tiny and they just need your love.
So, ya know, basically you're fucking it up no matter what you do.

The worst part is, I've fallen down this rabbit hole before.  Only this time I didn't see it coming, because that wasn't even the information I was looking for!  I just about had a panic attack wondering what the hell I was supposed to do until a little voice in my head reminded me that wasn't even what I went ON there for.  I don't have to do anything, because I'm not worried about the way she's sleeping/ falling asleep.  

It was sort of like freaking out trying figure out how you're going to quit smoking, and then realizing you don't smoke.

I had to laugh at myself after that.  Then I had to remind myself the internet is dangerous.  So be safe guys, be safe.

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