Mar 11, 2015

Easter Basket Ideas

I love holidays.  I love tradition and special occasions, decorations, and cookies in the shape of anything other than a cookie.  I think they're fun, even though I'm no longer 9 and I don't get a class party anymore.  I find the seasonal sections of stores VERY tempting.  (Especially the socks!  I hate feet, but I LOVE socks.)  

But I'm a responsible adult without unlimited funds, and I'm trying to devalue the importance of stuff to my kids, not emphasize it.  So, I limit myself:  Christmas, birthdays, costumes on Halloween, and coming up- Easter baskets!

We like to fill their baskets with fun and cute stuff- but useful stuff we probably would have ended up getting them anyway, (and candy!)  This tradition started when we had negative a zillion dollars and were trying to save a buck or two, but now it's part of the fun.  Here's a round up of some of the things I'm considering this year.

Sun Hats - Batting Gloves - Sketch Book - Manga Drawing Set - Hulk Swim Goggles - Aviator Sun Glasses - Finger Puppets - Bunny One Piece - The Velveteen Rabbit - Eos lip balm - Eos purse lotion

**Nope, not getting paid for any of these links- just think this stuff would make good Easter basket filler for my kiddos.

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