Jul 17, 2014

36 Weeks

The baby is... about 6 pounds 7 oz already, according to the ultrasound I had on Monday.  My doctor says that's in the normal range and things are looking good.  I always feel so good after ultrasounds- it's nice to get a peek at what's going on in there and be reassured that everything is developing as it should.  This time was by far the most fun, too.  Chris and the kids came in and the tech showed us the heart beating, all the connections forming in the brain, and then the baby rolled over and we got to see its face!  It was blinking and sucking and it was crazy to watch.  Spoiler alert, I think it's going to be REALLY cute.

I'm feeling... well, about 8 months pregnant.  It's getting hard to eat because there's not a lot of room left in my abdomen for food, but I'm hungry.  But I also have heartburn.  I radiate heat, forget the fact that it's 100 degrees outside.  I get tired and want to lie down, but lying down is extremely uncomfortable.  When I lay on my side I feel a tremendous pulling sensation as gravity pulls the baby weight down (and trying to prop my belly on a pillow has not helped) but laying on my back isn't an option either as it hurts all around and pinches things that shouldn't be pinched, makes it hard to breathe, and screws up my circulation.  All of that combined with my brain working overtime in anticipation has meant that time I take to "rest" like I did this weekend is not particularly restful or restorative.  Between my 3 kids and the extra 2 I watch during the day, I definitely end up doing a lot of things I don't feel like doing because I need to- but physically I don't think I'm any worse off than I would be anyway, and mentally I think it's helpful.  They distract me and they motivate me to do stuff, rather than sit around begging this baby to come out already.

I should be spending more time in the water, but it's been a week since I've gone swimming because every time I consider it getting ready sounds like too much work.  I need to just buck up and go, because sitting in the water is the only place left that's still comfortable.

Cliche (or not!) Pregnancy Symptoms... See above.

Gestational Diabetes... My baby is healthy and growing, my blood sugar levels are even and in the normal range, and I'm not gaining weight- so we're doing well.  Eating is getting difficult just because of the heartburn and the human being squishing my stomach, so that's kind of distracting me from the diabetes complaints.  Now I don't worry so much about my blood sugar levels being too high, but I hope I'm getting enough nutrition.

I'm enjoying... little things, for short bursts of time.  My stamina is shot.  One game of Mancala or 7 Wonders with the kids- I can handle that.  Sewing a quick and simple hankie style bib (for catching drool in style!) = very satisfying.  A few bites of a really good meal- right before my abdomen starts to feel like it's going to pop under the pressure- awesome.  We went to Thai food the other day when the kids were at a sleepover.  We split an order of spring rolls and mahi mahi with panang curry, and it was delicious.

I'm looking forward to... having everything "ready."  We've been putting off buying a lot of baby stuff until after the shower this weekend, and I'm getting impatient!  I'm a list-maker, a preparer, a planner.  With my due date less than a month away I've suddenly felt this sense of urgency- like I need to have everything on my list bought, washed, set up and put away.

Of course Chris pointed out that even if the baby came early, we have the things we truly need: a carseat to get the baby home, a safe place for it to sleep, and the means to keep it fed and a comfortable temperature.  (As long as breastfeeding works out- and it should!  Right?  Here's to staying optimistic!)  The only things we really couldn't live without that we don't have already are diapers, and we could pick those up on the way home from the hospital.  Everything else is a matter of comfort and convenience, and in some cases probably our sanity- but if the baby were early and we had to get some of that stuff after it was born, it just wouldn't be that big of a deal.

That being said, the baby probably won't be early, in which case we have plenty of time.  Still, I'm excited about the prospect of having it all done.

P.S. We took more maternity pictures last weekend, maybe I'll get another post up soon with more of those.

P.P.S. At the baby shower this weekend we're finally revealing the gender, and I'm REALLY excited about that!

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