Jun 19, 2014

Our Little Zoo

Meet Leia, our temporary house guest.  She's staying with us for a week while her parents are in North Dakota visiting family.  She's pretty adorable, and Toby loves her too.  She's also hairy.  Really hairy. But it adds to the cute, so we forgive her.

Having an extra dog around is a little extra work- especially the first night when she was homesick- but she's a good girl and we like her.  Besides, our friend who asked us to watch her has done so much stuff for us in the past we couldn't tell him no if we wanted to.  I'm gonna have to save his life or something if I'm ever going to be able to refuse him a favor.  Maybe one day I'll stop him from stepping in front of a bus or give him a kidney or something.

Now meet turd head.

Juuuust kidding, you know Charlie.  This picture was my attempt to take a selfie with Charlie while he cuddled with me.  It's hard taking a selfie with your cat.  Here's another try:

The thing about Charlie is that his life is currently in shambles.  We've dared to allow TWO EXTRA CHILDREN that DON'T LIVE HERE spend the days with us while their parents are at work.  And these two well behaved, school aged, kind, non-toddler children are ruining Charlie's life.  He hides upstairs all day long.  He yowls for about 5 minutes straight after I lock him out of our bedroom in the morning (it stays cooler in there if I keep the door closed).  At the end of the day he needs cuddles and pets for infinity time.  I know that's not grammatically correct but it's true- infinity time of cuddles and pets.  Then, when we eventually lock him out of our bedroom- which we have to do so he doesn't keep us all night- he scratches at the carpet and plays with the door every two hours- which keeps us up all night.  This was ruining my life, (and my carpet) until it finally occurred to Chris to lock him in the bathroom downstairs with his litterbox and water.  Smart guy, I'm tellin' you.  We wait until he starts scratching at the door the first time; we're hoping this way he learns not to do that.

We're also hoping, and thinking, he'll get used to having the other kids in the house.  I brought him downstairs today and held him while the kids pet him so he could see they're not evil.  Eh, he'll figure it out.

Anyway, this is our life right now.  It seems to revolve around a few adorable/spoiled animals.  We wouldn't put up with it if we didn't love it just a little bit.  I mean, c'mon, look at the cute.

And on the flip side, this majestic beast has been particularly well behaved lately.

One last gem before I go- we were over hanging out with some family yesterday and we got to meet their new kitten, Russell.

So cute, I could've died.

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