May 15, 2014

27 Weeks

The baby is... taking over!  I'm closing in on the third trimester, and it's really starting to feel like I'm running out of room in there.  At my last doctor's appointment she gave me a chart to keep track of how often I feel the baby move, (by sitting down once a day and checking off boxes until I feel it 10 times).  It seems kind of like a joke though, because while you 'fail' if you don't get 10 movements within an hour, I estimate I get 10 movements in 45 seconds.  I guess the point is just to make you aware if your baby is moving less than normal so you can alert your doctor.

I'm feeling... fine but a little frustrated.  I feel like the past MONTH has been a series of inconveniences that take most of our time to sort out- stolen bank numbers, vehicle repairs, sick kids, forgotten groceries, and so many appointments.  I took a CPR/First Aid class to keep my daycare license, I signed up for a few free breastfeeding classes, we're taking a tour of the hospital this weekend (we're skipping the childbirth class offered at the hospital), my regular prenatal check ups are switching to every 2 weeks instead of every 4, and we're still not done getting all of the kids' regular check ups and dentist appointments taken care of.  On the outside I keep telling myself to get over it and be thankful it's all small beans, but on the inside I'm a 3-year-old having a tantrum because I can't sit in my pajamas eat cereal and watch The West Wing all day.

Cliche (or not!) Pregnancy Symptoms... Some days aren't so bad, but some days I get winded just walking from one room to another.  I took my wedding ring off and put it on a necklace because it was getting dangerously tight and I was worried if I waited much longer they'd have to cut it off.  I also feel easily irritated- which might be hormones, or maybe I'm just tired and uncomfortable.  Like I said, it's starting to feel like I'm running out of room in there.  No stretch marks yet, but I feel like I'm stretching.

I'm enjoying... squeezing in simple projects- things I can finish in one sitting that leave me feeling satisfied creatively and productive.  I made a mobile to hang above the baby's crib the other night.  I saw one online that I liked that cost sixty bucks, a bit rich for my blood, and I thought I can make that.  My favorite part about it was I didn't have to buy anything; I had all of the materials left over from other things.

I'm looking forward to... June.  June is when the items on my calendar run out and I can relax, (other than biweekly prenatal checkups).  Of course my house will have 5 kids in it all day every day, but they're 5 really awesome kids.  They're funny and helpful and when they're not it's movie time!  I'm setting myself up to do nothing but hang out with them all day, and I'm hoping it involves a decent amount of lake time.  I've got plenty of life jackets to go around and I'm ordering a floaty for myself.

My mobile- inspiration here.

This load is gettin' heavy...

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