Apr 28, 2014


Why I love our couch: 4 of us and the dog lounging comfortably with room to spare.  Dear happened to be out at the moment, but even if she was home and the baby was out of my tummy rather than in, we all would have fit just fine.

Also, I love the library.  We have ten thousand books in our house- Chris and I are book hoarders, and a few people gave us quite a few books when we got the kids.  We also buy books as gifts every Christmas, but no matter how many we have that the kids haven't read, it's going to the library that keeps them interested in reading.

Sunday morning.  At 11am, no less.  The kids were off at a sleepover, so the house was quiet, and we were beat after staying up late the night before with friends.

Then we took a walk by the river.  We usually walk around the neighborhood, but with a five minute drive we got a change of scenery.

 Here's to a peaceful week.

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