Feb 3, 2014

After a brief radio silence...

I'm back, and I'm pregnant!

I was sick for about a week before I took the test, but I thought it was just from stress.  As it turns out,  it was "morning sickness", and I was destined to be queasy all-day-every-day for the next two months.  And exhausted. And fine, maybe a little emotional... emotional might be a nice way of putting it.

I've been sleeping a lot, and spending most of my waking hours watching TV, reading, knitting, and trying to be nice to everybody.  Chris has been working double time, and the kids have been pretty good- only sometimes taking advantage of the additional freedom they've had when I'm not paying attention.  (There's probably some Christmas candy still hidden in bedrooms, Mister may or may not have worn dirty clothes to school on multiple occasions, and Slim has done all of her reading log/ dialectical journal assignments for the last month on Harry Potter, despite the fact that she finished those books over a year ago.)

Christmas plans were thrown off a little, but we still managed to finish most of what we wanted to make.  I think the project I liked the most may have been this little apron I sewed to go in my nephew J's scientist kit.  Aprons are one of the first things I taught myself how to make, and they were so easy I've made a ton of them.  Typically I make ties to go around the neck and the back, but I was feeling pretty lazy this time around (read: nauseous and tired), so I dug through all of my sewing stuff looking for a short cut.  I found this awesome patterned elastic, and it worked out so well I don't think I'll ever make a kid's apron without it again.  I wish I had thought of this before I spent an entire summer of childcare tying and untying aprons for children all day long.  They can take this baby on and off all by themselves.  I also just happen to think the elastic is adorable.

Right now, I think maybe, possibly, if I'm lucky, I'm beginning to get over the nausea face of the pregnancy.  I'm starting to have more energy during the day, and though I'm still struggling, I'm starting to find more foods that appeal to me, and feel more satisfied when I eat.  I'm just about 13 weeks along now, so I'm really hoping this was a first trimester problem that will fade.

We are so excited and grateful to be having a baby.  I know that pregnancy is hard because growing a human being is hard, and most of the time I don't really mind it.  There's some really awesome stuff, too- hearing the heartbeat was amazing.  I'm happy to be healthy, and we're looking forward to many fun experiences ahead, and trying not to worry about the hard stuff just yet- I can't even think about labor right now.  Don't laugh at me!  I'll read about it when I'm not so queasy all the time.

I've taken a couple of pictures of my belly, but to get a good one I need to enlist Chris to take it for me.  Here I am at 12 weeks, but really that belly is all pre-pregnancy burritos and baked goods- not so much baby yet.  I'm a little bloated, but I've actually lost weight since I've had a tough time eating.  Don't worry, I'm sure I'll gain plenty real soon.

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