Nov 15, 2013

Almost Free Room Re-do Part 2

So I explained yesterday how we changed up the furniture in Mister's room over the summer.  This is what his walls looked like at the time (the super classy and professional looking blobs are me covering up his name with my amazing photoshop skills):

His room was really just decorated with an amalgamation of stuff he had accumulated over the past couple of years.  The framed quotes and the canvasses are all homemade gifts.  The curtains I sewed for him when he first moved in.  What you can't see on the walls in these pictures are the pencil marks, the boogers, and the hundreds of tiny holes.

In redoing his room I was hoping for something he would enjoy that I wouldn't mind looking at either.  My budget was aboooouuuut $0- this is what I came up with:

Toby: one cute helper.

Mister is a pretty cute helper, too.
We wanted a way for Mister to have some control over what hung on his walls, but we wanted to steer clear of thumbtacks.  Even though we previously had them up high and told him he needed a grown up to help if he wanted to change something, he always found a way to get up there.  The result was thumbtacks lost in the carpet and walls riddled with holes.  I tried to fill all of the holes when we were changing things up, but while looking through pictures I've seen a bunch I clearly missed.

In lieu of tacks, we strung two separate lengths of wire between screws and gave him adorable miniature clothespins to hang artwork and pictures.

I painted a couple of picture frames white and hung them up a few days later, so I took more pictures.  By then he'd already made sure his room looked "lived in."

I made the bunting out of scrap fabric, twine, and hot glue- not unlike the Fall bunting hanging in the living room.

That ABC toy box was mine when I was a kid, and houses all of our legos (most of them are from when Chris was a kid, and while Mister gets to keep them in his room, he is expected to share.)  I'm thinking of painting it with chalkboard paint.

If you were curious, on the foot of his bed is the rag quilt I made him last year for Christmas.  I used scrap fabric and pieces of his old clothes.  It's pretty sloppy, but special all the same.

The chalkboard is actually a picture I had in the dining room that I never really liked.  I spray painted the frame white and painted the glass with chalkboard paint.  I'm not sure what the dollar signs are about.  He told me when we put it in there that it was going to be his teaching chalkboard.

A hand-painted quote from Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are," one of my all time favorite books.

In his fabulous new workspace he built a "tardis with a house on top."
I pretty much just used stuff I already had around the house.  I had to buy the chalkboard paint, but I barely used any of it and I'm sure I'll find other uses for what's left.  I also spent 84 cents printing 5x7 pictures for the white frames by his bed.  I'm cool with that.  

I really like how it came out, and Mister LOVES it.  Jessica for the win!  

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