Oct 8, 2013


I'm feeling pretty under the weather this week.  Mister has it, too.  I'm trying to decide if I want to keep him home from school tomorrow.  Slim had it last week, but if she felt like I do, she handled it a lot better.  This has been my camp during the afternoons the last couple of days.

Water, computer, blankets, pillows.  Mister came in to show me his muscles.  All 3 kids are great at eating healthy foods.  If Mister is ever unsure, we just tell him it will make him strong.

Dear is acting up a little.  She always does when I get sick.  Maybe she feels a little neglected?  She's so much better at coping now though, compared to how she used to be.  Now, she just needs a little acknowledgment.

I asked her what she thought parents did when they don't feel good and their kids are acting up.  Slim chimed in with "Send their kids to bed?"  Which is totally what I was going to say!  Smarty pants, she makes me laugh.

Everyday moments, cuddling, remembering to laugh out loud when one of the kids says something funny- that's the best I can muster when I don't feel well.

**This has been Day 8 of 31 Days of Enjoying My Kid.

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